Melchior Martin Bio

” My main objective in drawing is to convey my response to the things that fascinate me in my surroundings..

When drawing I aim to become aware of the subject in its totality – its colour, character, form and so on – and its overall presence in the surrounding space.

Each situation will have its individuality as well as many links to preceding situations.

When drawing in this way over many hours, I find that I form a strong personal link with the subject. It is this experience I like to convey. “

Melchior Martin

Solo Exhibitions

2007 “skyscapes” 2002-2005 at the Hawthorne Christian Comunity church gallery.
2005 “Skyscapes” paintings on paper by Melchior Martin at the city library gallery.
2003 “Sky Studies” works on paper by Melchior Martin” at Gardner Contemporary Art
1999 “An exhibition of works on paper by Melchior Martin” at the Fitzroy Gallery
1998 “works on paper By Melchior Martin” at the Fitzroy Gallery
1995 “Drawings of presence and colour” at the Puffinry gallery
1993 “Reflections in colour and space” at the Camberwell Honda gallery.

Group Exhibitions

1990 “Victoria College graduation exhibition”
1990 “New Directions” a group exhibition
1998 “Wind Sand and Stars” a collaboration with Gabrielle Martin


2003 Catalogue essay by Julia White
1994 “Craft Arts International” an exhibition review by Gabrielle Ridgeway
1993 “Eingana” publication of Illustrations